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Hand Tied Extensions Victoria BC

Creating new hairstyles is always fun and lets you flaunt your personality. But with our work from home culture sinking in, we haven't considered our hair all that much and if we do have to go to a nearby Starbucks, we’d throw it into a ponytail - (sounds like you?) Until one day, you get on to a zoom meeting or a video conference or an online event and see that every single woman has amazingly crazy Rapunzel hair, like literally great bounce shampoo-ad hair! (how do they even do it, you’d think?!)


While there are many other ways, one perfect option is using Hair Extensions (Yup! That’s right). They're a great way to create the look you always desired, whether you are looking for that lustrous added volume or that graceful added length. But the important thing is to ensure they look seamless and beautifully merged with your natural hair. 


Read the below article to know more about Hair Extensions and give us a call to talk to our highly experienced and favourite Hair Extensions Expert in town!

What are Hair Extensions?

They are really not that difficult as you think they may be! You will be surprised at how easy the whole process is! Hair extensions, also known as hair integrations, are an ideal choice for:


  • Adding some bounce to your regular hair.

  • Adding some colour to your hair without using any chemical treatments.

  • Ideal for those suffering from thin, fine hair.

  • Ideal for those who do not have good hair growth and want to add extra length

  • Ideal for anyone who desires, great volume, lustrous hair length, new hairstyle and  feel super damm confident about their look!


If any of the above relates to you, we’d highly recommend you try Hair Extensions.


Finding Hair Extensions in Victoria, BC

Salon Muse are located in Nanaimo, BC but are so proud to say, we got many regular clientele travelling from Victoria to come to us! (We feel loved!) 


There are a few things you should consider before getting started with the procedure.


  • Always choose extensions that are of good quality, even though they may be more expensive to avert the risk of hair damage and discomfort to your hair.


  • Some extensions might look easy to do by yourself, but that can harm your hair. Always consider getting the hair extensions placed in your hair with the help of a professional hairstylist or salon to do the job right.


  • Make sure that the extensions that you place are not too tight or causing you discomfort. If you are experiencing any pain, talk to your stylist to get it fixed for you.


  • Remember to maintain your natural hair. Oil your hair regularly, go for massages and take good care of it.

Have you been looking for Best Hair Extensions in Victoria BC?


We understand how difficult it is to pay attention to your hair's health or opt for styling options, especially if you have a busy schedule. That’s exactly why at Salon Muse, we have expert hairstylists to help you with a consultation and get you the hair of your dreams. We are a team of award-winning enthusiasts who believe in making new connections, having positive vibes and creating a laid-back environment in a luxury setting for you. (we understand work can be hectic! We got you! Come over, relax and leave the rest to us!) 

We are located in Nanaimo, BC but are happy to say, we have  many regular clientele travelling from Victoria to come to us! (We feel loved!) 


We specialize in hand-tied extensions in Victoria, BC, i.e. Natural Beaded Rows and Invisible Hair Extension Methods, along with luxury colour services. 


Our hair extension services require only 2-4 hours and need no tape or glue, making the removal process easy. When you choose us, you get the best hair extensions. We also provide mobile bridal hair services and have two mobile travel teams that travel the island and beyond. And don’t forget to take a look at our online shop of hair care products!


Get in touch with us today to discuss more. We are here for you, choosing the right hair extensions to choosing the best hair colors, we got you covered!.

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