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Are you planning to chop, colour or trim your hair?

This can be more complicated when you have to search for a brand new salon to boot. You might have recently moved to a new city, or your stylist is no longer available or has to quit her job, or you are dissatisfied with your current salon; here’s our expert checklist to help you find a great salon.

Finding the Best Hair Salon in Nanaimo ?

It can often be daunting to find a new hair salon that meets all your requirements and keep up with the latest trends. Here are some tips to help you get started:


  • Ask for referrals— This may seem like an obvious one, but word of mouth is a powerful tool when it comes to finding new salons. Have a quick check with a friend, family member or colleague at work to see which salon they go to and give the stylist a call.


  • Pay a visit to the salon to check whether their level of hygienic practices, the tools they use, services offered, type of clients that come in, etc. 


  • Check their website to read reviews and testimonials. Read their customer feedback to see how their customers have felt after having their hair taken care of.


  • When looking for a new salon, consider the experience of the stylists. The more the experience, the better they can help find a style that suits you and use the best products.


  • The best salons offer various services and are usually the ones where the stylist can meet all your expectations. These salons never make you feel rushed or pushed to leave and give you a great overall experience.


We are a top-rated Ladies Hair Salon in Nanaimo

A coastal California vibe in the heart of Vancouver Island, Salon Muse is a well-known ladies' hair salon in Nanaimo. We are an award-winning salon nationally published in both print and various online blogs. Our specializations include hand-tied hair extension methods, i.e. Natural Beaded Rows & Invisible Bead Extensions, luxury colour services, mobile bridal hair services and other a la carte services. Our expert stylists believe in making new connections, having positive vibes and creating a laid-back environment in a luxury setting to give you the hair of your dreams. 


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