The Muse Team

The Muse Team is a collective group that believe in good hair, believable hair and lived in healthy hair. We are here for you. We are highly educated and will work together to give you the hair of your dreams.

Kelsey Jahnke / Owner

Hello my future muse, my name is Kelsey aka @salonmusebykels. 

I am a mother, vision creator, growth seeker, entrepreneur and hair stylist. Lets talk about hair first since thats what brought you here. My hair journey began when I was in high school but professionally almost 10 years ago. I believe in lived in hair, dimensional hair and luxurious hair. I specialize in Hand Tied Hair Extensions in 3 different methods and am the only one certified in those methods within BC. I am an education junkie and have had a business coach for the last three years. There is nothing better than transforming someones life with the feeling of hair. It truly is a gift. Salon Muse is my second Salon. Upon finishing hair school I opened up a small 3 chair studio that served as my hair home for several years. However, being. a growth junkie I wanted something more. Salon Muse was born in January 2018. A place where magic happens, where we educate, where relationships develop. I have always visioned a salon out of the "norm". A laid back yet luxury experience where everyone is welcome.  A place where clients can feel comfortable seeing anyone and know they are in good hands. Beyond the world of hair I have two children, Frankie and June. They are the drive behind Salon Muse and they are my "why". Frankie is a highly energetic happy go lucky 4 year old and June Bug is my sweetly dramatic 5 month old. I am plant obsessed, decor obsessed and have a online shopping issue. Free People + Revolve are my stores of choice. If you are laid back, you love good hair, investing in yourself, plant talk, coffee, free people vibes we will get along great and I look forward to seeing you in my chair!

Emily Soufane

Surprisingly I never dreamt I would become a hairstylist. All through school I had no idea what I wanted to do when I grew up. It wasn’t until I entered the hair program (as a back up plan) that I realized I had found the career I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

I was lucky enough to have met Kelsey in my later months of hair school.. She offered me a job after I assisted her on a couple of weddings and from there my career took off!

​Why did I fall in love with my job?
My favourite thing about going to work is getting to connect with new people every single day. I am so lucky to have so many personal connections with clients I can now call friends. As you can tell I am a bit of a social butterfly! I also love having a job that is always growing and changing. With trends coming and going, it always keeps my job interesting and challenging (in a good way). The best part is having a job that really doesn’t feel like a job and making money while doing something you love!

What do I do in my personal time?
I live with my boyfriend Silas! We have been together since high school, a total of 4.5 years. On our days off I like to cook / meal prep for myself and some of the girls at the shop.. I make a Mean chilli
I am also very artistic! I played piano for 11 years. I’m a little rusty now but still kill it on the keys! While I was in high school I took art class every semester, that was all I looked forward to as I was not what you would call “book smart”.
Other than that you can normally catch me online shopping (a little too much) or scoping the gram!

Alexa Mitchell

Hey Muse babes,

First impressions are important, so let me tell you a little bit about myself. 3 years ago I was in high school with a love for makeup and beauty, I wanted a job that I loved but didn’t feel like work. I thrive of high energy environments. I made the decision to graduate from high school a year early and enroll in the hairdressing program as a head start student. As soon as I got my hands on blondes, I became obsessed. Hair became the dream.

In June 2019 at only 17 I began my career as a hair stylist at Salon Muse. I started apprenticing under Emily, aspiring to become a hair wiz. Working long days side by side Emily I took full advantage of her teaching, asking many questions and following along closely. I want every client to have a significant improvement from the last. Its now 2020 I’m almost done my apprenticeship and I will say my blending is bomb and my money pieces are popping.

If you’ve been in my chair, you’ll know I love to laugh and want to hear your guys story times. I’m a very happy and enthusiastic person who loves to chit chat, tell me something as simple as what you had for breakfast and ill be happy to hear. Some things you may not know about me are: I have tri citizenship, I was born in Canada but my parents are from Mexico and England, I speak Spanish and French fluently, I’m lowkey OCD and need everything to be aesthetically pleasing to the eye and I have a keen intuition.

I look forward to seeing all my pretty clients back in my chair and can’t wait to see all the new gorgeous faces who are going to support me in my career.

Hey babes, My name is Meg!
Being a hairstylist gives me the opportunity to change they way woman feel about themselves, Connect on a different level & have a beautiful creative outlet on an even more beautiful canvas!

Having started at Salon Muse as Kelseys co-stylist/apprentice almost half way through my university program I was able really hone in on what I wanted my career to look like, what I wanted to specialize in and work towards achieving it right out of the gate! Buttery beige blondes & Extensions give me all the feels ♥

Back in September I went to Laguna Beach California to attend a three day intensive & certification training for Natural Beaded Rows Hair Extensions that also required six months of pre training! With NBR I’m able to offer a service that is common in our industry yet at the same time is in a total league of its own!

I grew up on Quadra Island and spent most weekends in Vancouver. It was the best of both worlds, Belly dancing during the week & shopping on the weekends! 

If your new to my chair you’ll quickly realize how much of a neat freak I am & that my attention to detail is both a blessing and a curse! I my come off quite, at first... but that’s just me getting to know you, I’m huge on vibes & I love listening! By the end of your appointment I’m sure you’ll have herd all about my babies (my dogs) my love for yoga and all things fashion & beauty! ♥

I look forward to having you babes in my chair! Xo

Megan Kitchen

Hello beautiful! My name is Mckenzie, kenz for short. I am currently a hairdressing student right here in Nanaimo at VIU. Hair styling is in my blood, I’m a third generation hair stylist in my family and grew up in the salon. It drove my passion to make women feel beautiful and transformed at a very young age. Being a hair stylist allows me to be creative and continue to learn new things, the hair world is constantly changing we’re never done learning. 
Growing up as an only child here on Vancouver island I have become very attached to the ocean and like to get down to the beach as much as I can, although I do prefer the tropical beaches in Maui I feel extremely lucky to live somewhere where the ocean is right in my backyard. I’ve been told I’m easy to talk to and have a very relaxed personality so if you love effortless lived in colour, friends, dogs and homesense I think we will get along just fine. I can’t wait to meet you!

Mckenzie Johnson

Erika Peterson

Hi ladies! I'm Erika and am the Salon Coordinator. I am the voice you hear on the phone and the first face you see when coming into the salon. After many years without having help, Kelsey decided it was time to hire someone so here I am. I am so happy to be apart of this team and to be working with these amazingly talented women everyday. 

I was born and raised in Windsor, Ontario and was going to University for Geography when I realized that I wanted to explore more of Canada. I have never travelled outside of Ontario, so I thought it was time to go and checkout BC. I made the move to Kamloops in 2011 and have been in BC ever since. I visited the Island and just knew this is where I needed to be. There was just something about the ocean and the mountains that called to me. I made the move to Victoria shortly after that visit and was lucky enough to meet my now husband, Matt, at Camosun College. We moved up to Nanaimo in 2017 and have been happily married for 3 years. Fun fact: I am terrified of water but I live here.... 

My background is in business management and have managed a few clothing stores and offices over the years. I am the QUEEN of organization so I think the girls love having me around!! I have always been interested in doing hair and recently applied to the Hairstyling Program at VIU, but to be honest I am very happy doing what I am doing. Just call me Marie Kondo!

When I'm not in the salon you can find me cooking/baking, hanging out with my dog Todd, buying more plants (I have a problem), reading up on astrology, but mostly exploring this beautiful island. Every weekend I am off on a new adventure and love taking pictures along the way. 

Can't wait to meet you all!