5 beauty products to throw out

Updated: Feb 23

alright guys we all do it.. we buy a million beauty products and before you know it your cupboards are overflowing. While we love products.. hence the birth of West Beauty Collective.. We love products that have a purpose more.

So what do we think is maybe taking up space ?

1) Shaving Cream/Foam/Gel: save yourself an extra bottle in your shower and use your salon quality conditioner.

2) Makeup Wipes: Sub that with the makeup eraser! The makeup eraser is equalivant to 1000s of makeup wipes and is WAY cheaper and machine washable

3) the "goody" hair brushes. you know those ones that are legit hard as a rock. If you aren't using a wet brush or framar brush you need too! Did you know your hair is 80% stretchier when its wet and the most damage will result from brushing it wet?

4) Head and Shoulders: did you know in hair school some people did a perm using head and shoulders because that is how high the pH is ?!! The "tingling" feeling is actually because the pH is so high. We recommend asking your stylist for recommendations. A lot of the time scalp build up goes away when you switch to a professional line

5) coconut oil: chances are it is food grade which is way to heavy for any human hair.

6) Im adding in a sixth one just because... Heat Protectant. Do you have a product that is solely only good for a heat protectant ? We dont suggest these products for two reasons.

Reason One: Turn your hot tools down. You cook cookies at 350ish generally right? Your flat iron doesn't need to be at 450. NO product will protect that.

Reason Two: We strongly believe in less products used the better, find a product that triples as something. For example, we love the R+Co High Dive because it is a moisture cream, anti frizz and heat protectant all in one!

There you have it! If you have any beauty products you think are a waste we would love to chat!


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