Bridal Hair: Birds Eye Cove Farm

Updated: Feb 27

A few weekends ago we had a wedding at one of our favourite venues!

Birds Eye Cove is located about 10 minutes from Duncan and is absolutely stunning. It doesn't require much decor with the natural light, wood and vaulted high ceilings/drapes.

If you are looking for a venue I would highly recommend checking out Birds Eye Cove Farm

This was one of our biggest bridal parties of the year. Sometimes having a large group to get ready can be overwhelming but these ladies made it a breeze.

Photography: Julien Photography

Photography: Julien Photography

Over the last eight years Ive seen a thing or two in this bridal industry and I thought I would share my tips for a easy going and relaxing bridal morning.

TIP 1: Hire a day of coordinator ! Let your family and yourself relax knowing that someone else is taking care of the fine details. Every bride I have ever talked to afterwards that didn't hire one wishes they did.

TIP 2: Give yourself an extra 45 minutes for getting dressed/bridesmaids gift etc. Time goes by fast!! THE LAST thing you want is to feel rushed

TIP 3: Take a moment to yourself to soak everything in.

TIP 4: Bridesmaids- always remember you are there to support the bride. If she wants your hair in a style you dont like..just go with it.

TIP 5: Have your hair dry and no makeup on for your makeup artist!


TIP 7: When choosing Inspo photos be realistic. Is the makeup photo photoshopped? Do they have completely different facial features, brows etc ? Does the hair Inspo have a completely different density/thickness/length of hair?

TIP 8: bring some sort of speaker to play music while getting ready. Not all venues have this supplied

TIP 9: We understand the mornings can be high stress. Be kind to your vendors <3

Photography: Julien Photography

Makeup: AV Makeup Artistry

Hair: Salon Muse

Venue: Birds Eye Cove Farm

Florals: Night Song Farm

Thankyou so much Dana for having me for your morning! You are a STUNNING bride.


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