Color Corrections and what YOU need to know

Updated: Feb 27

How to Book a Color Correction Appointment

Book a Consult:


Text: 250-667-4250

A consultation is mandatory. However if you live out of town please email/text pictures of your hair now and your goal hair. Please also include your hair history.

Come Prepared to sit for awhile and please do NOT be on a time crunch.


So I get asked the same sorts of questions all the time for color corrections, so I decided to make a post to refer everyone to.

Firstly, Color Corrections are not MY FAULT. It is not my fault that you are sitting in my chair and have a hair disaster. It is MY JOB to do my best to educate you and fix it.

Will this be fixed in one appointment? 9/10 no it won't be. I am not a magician.

Color Correction Scenarios:

Client: Black Box Colored Hair and wants to be blonde

Okay girl, you will not be blonde in one appointment!

Client: Black Box Colored Hair and wants to be blonde - 1

"But Kim K did"

Yes she did, however it was done in multiple days and almost took 24 hours! Yes 24 HOURS. So divide that up into the average 3 hour appointment and that would be 8 APPOINTMENTS.

Okay, but I'm not that patient and want it done now!!

You can book me for an entire day, by all means you bring the snacks and coffee and ill slave at your hair all day (aslong as your hair has the strength). Also bring your credit card because your service will be 600+. Yes 600+, you read that right. You cannot get a color correction for $100 and be with me all day. Ill break it down for you.

Product Cost:

Lightener: $40 a tub (we would need several)

Olaplex: $10 a bowl (again need several)

Toners: $30+

Color: $30+

Total Product Cost: Roughly 150+

(so already I would be loosing money by doing your hair for $100)

AND THEN my time is worth something. After all, you chose my experience and knowledge for a reason.

Color Correction Cost: $60/hour

Good hair ain't cheap, and cheap hair ain't good.

Example of Gradually Going Blonde

(yes there will be stages you won't love)

khloe kardashian

Client: Years of red color and wants to be an ash brown with NO RED

First things first, not only do we have to strip the red out of your hair, but we also have to fight the natural pigment in your hair that no hair stylist on this earth can change.

Color Pigment Wheel:

Color Pigment Wheel

So a level 5 Brown has the natural underlying pigment of RED. This will never change. So all those times you are standing underneath a yellow light bulb or in the sun and you think "what the heck my hair is red" take a minute and breathe lol, your hair isn't red the sun is pulling out your natural underlying pigment.

In my opinion, I would much rather deal with removing black color than red. Red hair lifts to salmon pink a lot of the time and we have no idea how your hair will lift until we start. This is why a test strand for removing red hair is crucial ! It is better to have a plan then go in blind.

Once all the pigment has been removed, I then have to "fill" your hair and re-color. Obviously my goal is to get you to an ashy brown like you desire, but you have to be realistic with the fact that your hair will probably still pull red in the sun.

Color Correction Price for this service: $60/hour

Each appointment 3 hrs minimum for color correction.

Client: I have been a highlighted blonde for years and I want to go to a all over platinum bleach blonde.

so all though your hair isn't necessarily a "correction" it is still considered a color correction because I have to carefully pick out all the dark pieces and lighten those first. If I were to just bleach your entire your head you would have a a ton of breakage from overlapping of blonde. You most likely won't be a platinum blonde in one appointment depending on how dark your natural hair is.

Color Correction Price for this service: $60/hour

Each appointment 3 hrs minimum for color correction.

Examples of Color Corrections:



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