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Elaina has spent the summer perfecting her craft. When Elaina started brows she took a course locally and we knew she would be amazing at it but I could tell she was lacking something. She didn't have that 100% satisfaction out if it. SO she looked into courses and she decided on Phi Brows Academy in New York City. When she came back everything changed. She is so excited to do brows, she has so much confidence in it and she isn't doubting herself anymore. The brow game changed for her and she is ready to slay brows of Vancouver Island and beyond.

Elaina is the ONLY PHI Brow Artist in Nanaimo Area. This is a huge accomplishme

nt and she worked so hard to get her final passing this summer.

Its pretty rad that we have Elaina being the only PHI Brow Artist in Nanaimo and Kelsey is the only NBR Artist in BC. Go Team.

PHi Brows is constantly striving to provide their artists with top of the line and highest quality products to ensure success.

This week we are showcasing our microblading and waxing tech, Elaina. You may have noticed we have taken a step back from our advertising for microblading. Elaina took her training locally and decided she wanted better for not only herself but her clients. That led her to NYC to attend the PHIBrow Academy.

A message from Elaina

"My name is Elaina Barale and I’ve been a certified aesthetician for two years and have gained a variety of experience working in two different high-end spas in Victoria. I have decided to expand my beauty practice by becoming a microblade artist.

My experience so far with my journey to better my future and to broaden my practice, there are two sides to a microblading experience... The first and foremost important one would be becoming an artist and finding the right academy to take the course with (if this is something you want to pursue as a career). Following as a client, I will start off with telling you to DO YOUR RESEARCH! Where did they go for training? Do you want your eye brows to look like images of their work? Are they fully certified? What products do they use? Are they VIHA approved? What are the simple steps to the procedure? Cover all the grounds of the grey areas some artist may not tell you or show you once into the procedure. I have recently attended a Microblading course though PHIBrow Academy one of the most well-known and prestigious academies you could possibly attend, with amazing staff and other students to help you though your journey of becoming an artist. It has completely changed my doubt in my career and the creativity rut I was going through. It has taught me a lot to keep finding a reason to work hard, to do what you love with a passion of providing your best work to every client. I was not the only one who has taken one or more courses for microblading that has not been given the right training or the up to date procedure and implements to help you succeed. Surprisingly there were many things that I was taught differently that has finally made sense why certain problems occurred.

My journey has just begun and I am very excited to be bringing back the proper most natural looking brows to Salon Muse 2.0, I now feel more confident than ever having the up to date techniques and skills. I have been newly inspired and I’m ready to continue forward into my microblading career."

At Salon Muse we are continually looking for the best training in all aspects of the salon. We will continually strive to provide you the best. Our staff has taken training this year in Victoria, Alberta, California and now NYC.

Stay Tuned for details on Elainas return to brows as she perfects her newest training!

follow her work and success at @thebrowbarvi

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