Interested in longer & thicker hair ?

Updated: Feb 27

Ive got the answer.

Natural Beaded Rows Extensions is a patented method created 10 years ago by Danielle K. White. She had tried every method for her own thin baby fine hair and nothing worked until she created NBR.

Natural Beaded Rows is a luxury service that gives the most blended, seamless and weightless extensions on the market.

Maybe your postpartum and experiencing hair loss or maybe your on a certain medication that is causing your hair to thin out. Did you cut your hair and instant regret? or colour your hair and damage it?

I can help you.

In under 4 hours I can transform your hair.

Hair Extensions Nanaimo
2.5 Rows

NBR uses NO glue, NO tape, No bonding, No Braids and has minimal points of contact to your natural which results in the least damaging method on the market.

I have done all methods of extensions and have yet to believe in a method until I became a certified Natural Beaded Rows Artist.

Do you think NBR might be for you? Click the link below for more information.

I will respond within 1-2 business days to all questions about your hair goals and dreams.

Thanks for reading!


Natural Beaded Rows Artist, Salon Owner, Color Specialist

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