#musebabes: who we are

Year two for Salon Muse and year nine of business.

This vision started from the bottom just like everyones business. We evolved, we had set backs, we grew and had more changes in a year than makes sense. However, we hustle. We work hard to bring you the best and we continue to promote the growth of this industry. We are not average and we will never be average. Perhaps thats why we have always stood out or perhaps thats why we tend to be a topic of conversation among stylists. Were okay with that. Like I said we don't strive to be average. My business coach told me "if your stagnant your dying" and that couldn't be more true. I never want to look at one month of business and remain the same. If were not striving to grow what are we doing? Salon Muse isn't cut out for everyone (as I'm typing this Cody says "maybe if you would stop firing everyone you wouldn't have to do new staff photos) LOL funny guy.. (thats only happened twice THANKGOD) but like I said we aren't for everyone. Last year was a prime example of that but I am okay with that. Not everyone fits an environment where change is constant. I have learnt to ALWAYS check in with the girls. If any business owner is reading this check in with your staff every week. You never know what is going on.

  • We are the first salon on Vancouver Island to offer NBR Hair Extensions

  • We are the ONLY salon in BC currently doing NBR Hair Extensions

  • We are the first local salon in Nanaimo to have an adjacent retail store focusing on beauty in haircare.

  • We are the first and only Salon in Nanaimo to carry R+Co Haircare

  • We are the only salon in Nanaimo that requires a new client application to sit in our chair.

  • We have assistants, We dont take all services, We value our talent and time.

  • We are soon to be the first salon in Nanaimo to charge on an hourly basis for ALL services no exceptions. Hair is not a one fits all price.

  • We dont slave all day to the services we don't like and we don't take on every client because society has taught us thats what we are supposed to do.

Salon Muse consists of a team of seven.

three lead stylists, two assistant stylists, one nail technician and social media marketer.

Kelsey: Lead Stylist, Owner.

IG: @salonmusebykels

Specializes: Extensions, Blonding and Bridal

Why Hair? simple, making people feel better inside and out.

Favorite Product? Changes ALL the time but currently Loma Fortifying Tonic and R+Co Analog

Favorite Clothing Store? Free People

What do I like to do? Shop, Redecorate my house and travel to Cali

How I got into the hair world ? Feather Extensions (not even kidding). I wanted to do hair my entire life and when I was 16 and feather extensions were a thing I slanged them like nobodies business.

Whats one thing I couldn't live without? my car, lets be real walking is not for me. Okay and I guess my family too.

Favorite Podcast? The Bitch Bible and Big Money Stylist

Emily: Lead Stylist


Specializes: Blonding and Balayaging

Average Color Price: $200+

Why Hair? Making People feel better & chatting with people all day.

Favorite Product? Voir Luxury Oil

Favorite Clothing Store? Dynamite

How I got into the hair world ? Originally I thought I would take hair in my grade 12 year and possibly go back to school afterwards however after a year of being in the industry im obsessed. Everyday is different and I never get bored.

Whats one thing I couldn't live without? Pho

How I started with Muse? Kelsey reached out to me on Instagram to help with a wedding.

Favorite thing to do: Binge Netflix and Online Shop

"My favorite thing about Muse is how great we work as a team. Ive never had such a good environment before. I've been a hairstylists for 3 years now and Ive had more education in one year at Muse than my previous work that I was at for two years. We really keep up to date on things and go to classes as a team. Ive grown a lot as a stylist and I owe much of that to Muse" - Amanda Chapman

I Love working at and working with the muse fam because we cater to our clients needs and go above and beyond to make sure each girl loves their hair. All the girls at muse are so loving and make the salon such a fun place to spend your day and make work not feel like work. Having a job where you get to learn about others lives, problems, and hobbies while making them feel beautiful helps us get that little bit closer to each female that sits in our chair. Not only do we have jobs that is fun and rewarding, we get to make so many friends along the way. - Emily

Amanda: Lead Stylist


Specializes: Balayage and Color Corrections

average price: $175+

Why Hair? enjoy the transformation. Being a people pleaser I love making people feel good about themselves

Favorite Product? Loma Fortifying Tonic because it makes hair feel so soft and brings back shine. R+Co Palm Springs is a go to for a treatment for dry and tangly hair.

Favorite Clothing Store? Boathouse or Zumiez

How I got into the hair world ? I got into hair because I really enjoyed getting my hair done and ive been more passionate about it since.

How did I get into Muse? I have known Kels since I was 16 and once she had a bigger space I got invited to be apart of the team. Best decision I ever made.

Whats one thing I couldn't live without? wifi, the internet knows everything

Favorite Book: Subtle art of not giving a F*ck. Its a great one if you have anxiety

Favorite thing to do: Travel

Megan: Assistant/Stylist

IG: @salonmusebymeg

Why Hair? I love how much you can tell about the person, its so personal and powerful

Favorite Product? U Luxury by Unite

Favorite Clothing Store? Aritzia (tom ford in my dreams)

How I got into the hair world ? I had an epiphany while sitting in the chair that I was meant to be behind the chair. I messaged Kelsey on one of posts and basically told her I wanted to be her assistant... (true story)

Whats one thing I couldn't live without? My husband, dogs and Americanos

Favorite Podcast? Big Money Stylist

What do I love to do? Yoga

Basically Meg is our down to earth hippie that is the only person that can appreciate a good pair of Givenchy boots with me.

Venue for shoot: Cuckoos (Coombs)

Photographer: Island Moments Photography

Alexa: Assistant/Stylist

IG: @salonmusebyalexa

Why Hair? I love making girls feel beautiful and using my creative side.

Favorite Product? Unite Lazer Straight Shampoo

Favorite Clothing Store? Leiv it or Love It

How I got into the muse tribe? Salon muse was looking for an assistant and I jumped on the opportunity to have amazing hands on training right out of school.

Whats one thing I couldn't live without? Iced Coffee

Favorite Podcast? tootiredtobecrazy

Favorite thing to do: Boating in the summer

Jessica: Nail Tech

IG: @justpeachynails.xo

Favorite Nails to do: Nude Nails or Glitter & Gems

Favorite thing to do: Going for drives, take my dogs on hikes or spend the day in tofino

Why Nails? Ive always liked nails because they are a way to express yourself without saying a word.

Favorite Product: Loma Nourishing Shampoo/Conditioner and Voir Hair Oil (West Beauty Collective)

Cant live without: Iced Coffee and Dogs

Favorite Clothing Store: Lulu or Aerie. I live for anything comfortable

How I got into nails: My mom did nails as I was growing up so I always was dabbling. I did my first set when I was 15 and naturally it was something I was always around

How did you find muse? I was looking for a new niche and fell in love.

Fav Book: Anything Murder Mystery

I love the atmosphere and the babes I work with. I love that the women of Salon Muse empower and support each other. - Jess

Danielle: Social Media Marketer for @salonmusenanaimo and @westbeautycollective

What do I like to do? Social Media, Playing Guitar, Fitness

Favorite Clothing Store: Guava

Favorite Hair Product: Loma Nourishing Oil

Favorite Book: Milk and Honey Rupi Kaur

Quick Fact: Did you know she's SO good at singing and she also wrote me the best cover letter I have legit ever read. She's also bubbly and smart so basically she's perfect. We are obsessed and lucky to have her.

This gal had an event the night before till 3 am and still made it to the 9 am staff photoshoot. She's the real MVP.

Meg is Kelseys Assistant and will be learning the art of NBR in California this fall

Why are assistants important?

what better way to learn than hands on? We tandem color with our assistants so they learn EXACTLY what we are doing on every client. They also help us function when we double book in order to get all of our clients in. Most of our assistants go through a one year program of assisting. Our clients appreciate it because they know that if they ever need in our girls are ALL trained the same way and can take care of them.

I would never hire someone and just throw them on the floor to take clients. (been there done that) ANYONE can look impressive on paper but behind the chair is a complete different story. Theres a reason why other trades have four year apprenticeship programs. Hair should be no different.

Quick Fact: Did you know BC is the ONLY province in Canada where hair is not regulated?

I can confidently say I have the best squad of girls that compliments eachother so well. If you have been a muse babe for awhile thankyou for your support and if your new or if you have been contemplating trying out a new shop we look forward to meeting with you

As always you will find Meg @organictannanaimo and Cera @lashedandwaxedbycera two doors down at West Beauty Collective.

With Love