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Updated: Feb 27

Okay you have spent 1000s of dollars. Months.. if not years, getting that perfect Khaleesi blonde. You leave the shop and you LOVE your hair. You snap your selfies of your fresh AF hair and you're feeling 100%. Three weeks goes by and you're thinking "what the heck? Why is my hair dull and brassy?"

So you text us, saying...

"Hi, I just had my hair done and its already brassy. I wash my hair everyday and I'm using "good" products but I hate my hair. Can you fix it?"

We get you in for an appointment and begin to analyze, ask questions and of course tone your hair.

95% of the time we hear this:

Myth: "I wash my hair everyday because its just so oily"

Fact: The more you wash your hair the more your oil glands create more oil. Unfortunately if you wash your hair everyday, platinum blonde might not be the color for you unless you want to come in for tones regularly.

Myth: "I use the organic shampoo and conditioner from costco... but it says its color safe and sulphate free"

Fact: There is a reason it is sold in Costco for 19.99 for two bottles. There is a reason why we don't promote or carry it. We have tried almost every brand on the market and if any drug store shampoo out did our recommended products we would have it.

Myth: "I use product from winners but its salon brand (joico, bedhead)"

Fact: NO PROFESSIONAL DISTRUSTERS WILL SELL TO WINNERS, LONDON DRUGS, REXALL ETC. The product you're buying is either expired or fake.

Being apart of the platinum blonde club requires maintenance at home

This is what we suggest to maintain your locks

Unite 7seconds Shampoo and Conditioner: Heat Protectant, UV Protectant, Intense Moisture and Color Safe. It is also Sulfate, Paraben and Sodium Chloride Free.

Incredible Milk 12 Effects: Lightweight leave in for ALL hair types and smells to die for. This is our #2 seller.

Unite 7SECONDS Masque: Restores elasticity in your hair , infuses shine and gives you the ultimate protection. In my opinion this gives olaplex #3 a run for its money.

Unite Weekender: You need to clarify your hair every now and then to remove all the build up off your strands. Excess build up=hair breaking.


Milkshake Silver Shampoo is the QUEEN of purple shampoos. It will fight brass like none other.


We have quickly become known for the blonde salon. Over 80% of our clientele is blondes. Trust us we know a thing or two about what it takes to maintain that blonde.

Where to buy?

We carry all products above at our shop "Salon Muse"

located at 104-2205 Northfield RD Nanaimo BC V9S3C3

For more tips and tutorials follow @salonmusebykels

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