pricing: frequently asked questions

Hey everyone! A lot of the times in the booking process we receive the same questions so I thought I would make a generalized post to refer our clients and future Muse clients too.

First things first! Pricing

The #1 question we always get. In the past we have priced per service.

IE: full head highlights, partial highlights, root color, balayage, ombre etc all being at different rates. This is the industry "standard" that was set decades ago that a majority of salons follow.

The problem with this way of pricing is no two heads of hair are the same and every person requires different work, time and expertise. Another issue we would commonly run into is a client would book in for a balayage touch up which we schedule at two hours and when the client arrived it would actually be a colour correction or something entirely different (this isn't anyones fault as how would you know what is needed for your hair to look like your inspo right). This put us in a tight spot because we wouldn't have enough time to do the service that needed to be done which results in disappointed on both sides.

As of September 1st our pricing will be on a hourly rate for ALL services.

This will allow us to always have enough time to properly execute your hair. For some of you this won't change your pricing at all. If you have any questions at all regarding what your upcoming appointment will be please reach out to your stylist or email the salon at

Hourly Pricing Rates

(cuts, treatments, styling etc would all be included in your hourly rate)


Colouring Services $110/hour

Extension Move Up/Color Services: $135/hour

New Install Extensions: quote by consultation.

Emily and Amanda:

Colouring Services: $80/hour

Cutting Services: $80/hour

(ie: if your haircut takes 30 minutes it would be $40)

Megan and Alexa:

Flat rate of $150 for ANY colour/cut until December 1st.

Colour Services as of Dec 1st $50/hr


If your appointment with Emily is usually 2.5 hours long your total cost will be $200. If your appointment with Emily is usually 1.5 hours long your total cost will be $120. If your appt is usually 3 hours long with Amanda or Emily your total cost will be $240.

If your appt with Kelsey for balayage is 2 hours your total cost will be $220.

Quotes: We give complimentary consultations at any given time. If you are unsure of what your wanting we invite you into the shop, see if the vibe fits your vibe and we can let you know what we think is needed to be done to get to your goal.

Question two that we normally get.. What do I book for?!

If you are unsure what to book for we will generally book you in for a standard 3 hour appointment which allows us to basically do whatever is needed to your hair unless of course your hair is a major colour correction which we would be able to determine during our booking process.

Question Three:

How long do I need to go in between balayage touch ups? Usually our clients are able to go at least 12-16 weeks before they need a touch up.

Question Four:

My hair is brassy is there anything I can do? We offer toning touch up appointments for only $25 for our clients. These appointments are 20 minutes and we can usually get you in within a few days.

Question Five:

What is an apprentice stylist and why are they cheaper?

Our apprentice stylists, Megan and Alexa are assistants to Kelsey and Emily. They also take clients of their own. They are GREAT. All of there styles, formulas and techniques are 100% under our approval. They are working towards their 3500 hours in order to become Red Seal Certified within Canada.

Question Six:

How do I book an appointment? What are your hours?

If you are a new client you can book an appt via this link:

If you are an existing client you can call 250-591-7461, email or text our salon line at 250-667-4250

Hours: Tuesday-Friday 8-7 pm Saturday 10-4 pm

Question Seven:

I only want a master stylist. Do you have one?

This term really makes me cringe and I seriously am wondering who is passing out the titles of Master Stylists. Ive seen some of the most jacked up work from so called "master" stylists. In our opinion the amount of time a stylist has been doing hair shouldn't matter. What matters is the natural talent and the amount of work that the stylist is putting in to better their craft and skill behind the chair through education.. Did you know Emily has only been doing hair for two years and she built her clientele to a FULL clientele in six months and educates Alexa everyday.

Kelsey has just under 10 years experience as well so "technically" she wouldn't even be a master stylist (insert face palm)

SO to answer that question NO. We dont believe in the term. We have lead stylists and apprentices. No in between. We take an entire year to train and every stylist gets trained under the same techniques/systems.

Thats how we know we are producing quality.

Question Eight:

Where can I find your portfolio of work?

if you have instagram check us out at

@salonmusenanaimo @salonmusebykels @salonmusebyem @salonmusebyamanda @salonmusebymeg @salonmusebyalexa

Otherwise take a peak below. I am 100% proud of ALL the color we put out there and our group of girls are truly amazing as what they do

Seriously I am so PROUD of all my girls. All of our dedication to our craft shows every single day. We dont treat our job like a 9-5 and it truly is evident in our results. I can confidently say we produce some of the best color work on Vancouver Island.

Thankyou to everyone for all of your continued support and to recent stylists that have moved away and have referred us we truly appreciate you!

with love,

Kelsey, Emily, Amanda, Alexa and Megan.