Product of the week

Its Thursday and I'm exhausted. Frankie was an absolute devil today. Call it a post halloween sugar crash or whatever but he was the worst A L L L L DAY. Tomorrow we have our first R+Co class! Im super geeked out for that. I have a book full of questions from all of our clients. The other day I posted a pretty heavy but real blog post and the feedback was unreal. So I wanted to say THANKYOU to everyone who read it and the dozens of messages supporting us and our vision.. Seriously we are not alone in this so called life of the "service industry". To the few odd ones that complained thats cool too. You do you and ill continue doing me.

Lets get to it

So im sure you've seen our many posts of the most beautiful product ever: R+Co

Now the line has 48 products. Have I tried all of them yet? No but here are a few of my favs so far

R+Co is formulated without parabens, sulfates (SLS or SLES), mineral oil and petrolatum. They are all vegetarian, cruelty-free, gluten-free and color-safe.

Palm Springs: I LOVE Palm Springs (the city) its honestly my favourite place ever so naturally I was the first in the shop to try this product. Its a Pre-Shampoo Mask that can be used a few different ways. It is loaded with butters and oils for maximum nourishment

One: Apply to dry hair + leave on for 10 minutes and then rinse.

Two: Apply after shampooing as a leave on mask and then rinse.

How I used it: I did a complete bleach out on a client and after rinsing it out I wanted to push some life back into her locks before I hit it with a toner. A small amount went a very long way, it smelt amazing and I was surprised honestly at how much better her hair felt almost instantly. Palm Springs is now at our back bar and is a win in my books

Scalp Scrub

The first of our new line to sell out! Scalp Scrub is genius. A exfoliate for your scalp to get rid of any dry flakes and improves your follicle health.

Jackpot: I used this in a few of my clients hair that naturally blow dries crazy and I was surprised at how much more smooth it blow dried! it also didn't leave the hair feeling sticky which can happen with a lot of cremes.

quick fact: Jackpot is loaded with hydrolyzed soy protein that improves hair elasticity.

Kelsey and Ems fav! Bel Air

1: It smells like heaven

2: Its SO concentrated (a nickel size goes a very long way)

3:Thermal Protection built in

Ladies if you use this correctly these bottles will last you 4-6 months



now that I have your attention.. introducing FOIL.

1) gets rid of STATIC. Y'all know your hair is all static AF in our weather

2) tames pesky flyaways

3) gets rid of frizz


DEATH VALLEY Well because if your anything like Kels or Em you know we don't wash our hair often and dry shampoo is our religion.

Thats all for now