Self-Care During COVID

Updated: Feb 27

H e l l o Loves,

We cant deny what is going on right now and to be honest the future seems uncertain and slightly scary to think about our future. Self-Care has been my saviour so I thought I would share a few of my favourite products.

Gently Exfoliates

pH Balancing


Canadian Made Company

Favorite Mask of ALL time

Good for:Color-treated, underhydrated or coarse hair.

Root Touch Up

Super Easy

Water Resistant

How to Use:

  • Apply to dry hair.

  • Load up small end of brush with powder.

  • Use free hand to pull hair flat/taut against head and press brush down firmly into roots, starting from scalp and working out - do not use sweeping motion.

  • Apply more powder as needed.

  • To extend highlights, use side edge of small brush.

  • Lightly dust off any excess powder with wide end of brush.

Thank You SO much to everyone whose supporting us with our online orders, you are the reason we will get through this.

We are continuing Free Local Nanaimo Deliveries and are still shipping Canada Wide.

Stay Well


Salon Muse

West Beauty Collective

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