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Updated: Feb 27

P H O T O S H O P .. Face Tune, Snapseed, VSCO, Lightroom.

You can brighten, WHITEN, change the color, change the lighting, darken, lengthen or shorten anyones hair in the matter of minutes.

So why do stylists do it?

Im guilty of this, I used to over edit photos 100%. EVERY stylist has done this. I stopped when I realized I was setting myself up for failure because it would give clients unrealistic expectations. The most common thing I see is stylists using the "whiten" tool and whitening blonde hair photos.

I decided to take a photo of one of my clients and edit it various ways to show you examples of how easy it is to alter hair color.

For these two I whitened the photo on the left. The left photo is a typical photo that a client would tell us they want that hair. Clients would NEVER be able to tell its 100% photoshop.

When we say a photo is photoshopped or is all extensions we aren't trying to bum you out.. we want to give you the most realistic expectations so you have all the facts to make an informed decision about your hair


along with the photoshop issues we have the never ending LIGHTING issue.

LIGHTING IS EVERYTHING. Your hair can look 10 different colors based on the lighting. Personally I kinda like this however if you want your hair to look icy blonde all the time... your lighting probably drives you crazy.

First things first.. lighting in bathrooms

Go into your bathroom and what color are the bulbs? most likely a soft white giving a yellow hue. This of course will make any blonde hair look yellow.

Sunlight: Are you outside and trying to take a selfie and then bam all you see is yellow hair.. well what color is the sun?.... yellow.. taaa daaa. The sun will make blonde hair look warm and brunette hair look red/orange.

Cloudy Days: This lighting will make your hair look dark/ash because you have no natural sunlight to warmth from the hair that is always going to be there. HONESTLY taking photos in the snow is the best

Heres a photo that recently went viral about lighting to give clients a perspective.

In our salon we have two completely different lighting areas because of the natural light. Emily and Kelseys station is beside huge windows which results in natural light. NATURAL light will always be the best. It makes the hair brighter and more true to what the color actually is. The other four stations have artificial light which makes the hair look more warm and slightly darker in our salon. If you ever get your hair done in the future and you send your stylist a photo of what you dont like about it just make sure you take that photo in natural light vs artificial light. Stylists cant fix what artificial light or photoshop does to your hair.

I hope this post sheds some light on photoshop and lighting

Till next time


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