Thinning Hair?

Updated: Feb 27

Lemme tell you about Eprouvage!

The first professional haircare brand to bring the science of progressive plant stem cells to haircare, to help prevent the appearance of thinning hair even before the symptoms start. With a scientifically tested system of active ingredients, including Egyptian Blue Lily- cultivated for its anti-aging and skin balancing properties and Redensyl® - an award winning ingredient also used in eyebrow and eye lash thickening/lengthening products; the éprouvage regimen results in a healthier scalp and thicker, fuller-looking hair.

Step One

Step 2

The Scalp Serum

With Progressive Plant Cells for thicker, fuller hair

A potent scalp treatment formulated with the award-winning ingredient, Redensyl® and our Progressive Plant Cells: rejuvenating Egyptian Blue Lily Stem Cells, highly concentrated French Oak extracts and various highly-effective vegetable keratins. Actively soothe and protect the scalp to give the best conditions to let your hair thrive.

How to use:

Seperate hair into four quadrants and apply a full dropper onto your hair and massage evenly.


Or save $$$$ and buy the kit

Styling Products

Instant Root Lifter

This unique styling product features a cream base that magically transforms into powder when massaged at the roots. Instantly delivers buildable root-boosting volume, creates texture and adds grip for easier up-styling, such as buns and twists. Helps to extend styles between washes.

There you have it!

Eprouvage is for every budget & the first professional hair growth company backed by the science of plant stem cells.

Where to buy?

Eprouvage is only sold by salon professionals. We sell it on our online store or if you are in the USA, it is also available at ULTA.

We NEVER recommend buying professional products from sites such as amazon as it is a diversion and salon professionals would NEVER sell out to amazon.

I live and breathe hair and educating on product knowledge has quickly become a passion of mine.

ps. We are about to make your beauty shopping experience better this coming summer... STAY TUNED.


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