This chapter has closed

Hi! Ive wrote this and rewrote numerous times and unsure of the words to say so ill just get to it. Our crazy christmas season rush is over and now its time to relax and unwind. You probably are aware by now we are short two stylists starting in 2019, one of them being Mary-Anne. Mary-Anne is off on a new adventure. I knew this day would come eventually as Mary-Anne likes a smaller and intimate environment, similar to our last shop "Shear Inspiration Studio". My goals have shifted as I am trying to make Salon Muse a company that can set my son up for his future and unfortunately a 2 chair shop just won't do that.. I only plan to continue to grow so it makes sense that she wants to move on. I would like to thank all of Mary-Annes clients over the years for your constant support in both of our journeys and all of the numerous referrals. From all the bottles of baileys and treats at Christmas time. The occasional visits from her three legged pup. The crazy cat stories. Living vicariously through her dating life the last 6 years.. seriously she could write a book. All the raspberries from her Aunt. The battle of debates between me and her and clients in Shear Inspiration lol. I look back and only have good memories. It has been a pleasure to get to know so many of you and I wish I could have said bye to many of you. It will surely be different without her corks around the salon. I learnt a lot from Mary-Anne over the last six years and for that I thank her. To all of Mary-Annes clients if she has not contacted you yet and if you would like the address of her new location downtown Nanaimo, I can give it to you.

Good Luck on your new adventure in the crazy ass world of ownership.

We will miss you.