Throw the Johnson & Johnson out

Updated: Feb 27

As adults would we use Johnson and Johnson on our hair ? No. So we do we with our littles? In a consumer market we are given this product right from the hospital so its only natural that we would trust that its good right ?

Did you know there is carcinogens in this brand in Canada and the United States. Scary right!

Your kids have the most fragile hair and they are the hardest on their hair.

What to use on your kids hair ?

We recommend Verb because of the price point and the ingredients.

Verb Ghost Shampoo $18

Verb Ghost Conditioner $18

Verb Leave-In Mist $18

Brush: Kids hair is the hardest to brush out am I right?! the matted tangles and fine hair = disaster

Trust me this brush is life changing

Last but not least.. for the babies

Verb is amazing but to strong for the little babes. We recommend Ativo Skincare which is formulated and created in Vancouver, BC!

We carry the entire line, including the babies line.

Bare Bums $18

There you have it! Give these products a go, I promise your littles hair will thank you

Shop online at or in store at West Beauty Collective located at 102-2205 Northfield Road Nanaimo BC.

Happy Monday


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