What I learned from our reno?

Updated: Feb 27

Hi! Alright so we have been open for two weeks now and I finally feel like I have a slight moment to breathe (kind of)..

When I got my unit, it was a cement box with no heat. From paint, to flooring, lighting etc, we had to do it all. I learned A LOT from this renovation. I dont want to say I would never do it again, because im sure I will one day. However, I am GOOD for now. I am OVER THE MOON with our new location. It is such a fresh breath of air to work in.

Budget: Set a budget and then double that. Trust me. Just double it and you will be good.

Trades: Picking your trades guys. This was tough for me. It came down to availability and budget. GET SECOND AND THIRD QUOTES. It makes a difference. Ask 479847894891 questions. Sure, you will be annoying as hell, but its YOUR money and your reno. It is your space, your home away from home so make it look like the vision you want, do not let anyone else change that.

Communication: It is so important to communicate with the people you hire and always ask where you are with the budget. I made that mistake and didnt do that, which brought me to tip #1 of doubling your budget.

Permits: SO it turns out you need a permit for literally everything. Thankyou City of Nanaimo for continuing your due dilligence of not supporting small business in any timely or costly matter.

quick fact: my "sign" permit cost half the price of my sign.. ridiculous right ?! again thankyou City of Nanaimo. You rock dont ever change ;)

Second Job: Renovating is legit a second job. It is no joke. If you dont have time I suggest hiring someone to take care of EVERYTHING for you. I would 100% do that next time.

Finding the right location: This is important for the obvious reasons however in my opinion finding a location with the right landlord is more important. Afterall you will be dealing and communicating with your landlord for the next 5+ years. I am thankful to say I have the best landlord ever and I know I hit the jackpot. If you arent getting good vibes from your landlord. Move on to another location.

Shout Outs:

Lara Scarr Creative

IG: @larascarrcreative

The mastermind behind our logo. I gave her some super vague ideas and she brought the vision to life. She is a dream to work with and I recommend her 100 times over again to anyone in the market for graphic design.

Rust and Burrow


Colleen makes gorgeous wood signs. She created our sign behind our desk during christmas season when im sure she was SWAMPED. Check her out, you wont be disappointed.

Sign: Grant Signs

They were amazing to work with. SUPER EASY and fast! and half the cost of other places I checked out.

Construction: Ronan Mcshane Construction

Ronan does great work and communicated with me the best out of anyone. I never worried or stressed once about him.

Aluminum Station Coverings: Nanaimo Sheet Metal

Last minute I decided to cover the wood stations with metal to give it an industrial look and overall its easier to clean. Nanaimo Sheet Metal was super quick and had them finished in a couple days for me in order to have them for opening.

Electrical: DC Installations

Plumbing: DRG Plumbing

Alarm System: Prices Alarm

Furniture: My boyfriend, Cody, built our front desk, double sided salon station and coffee station. The rest came from Homesense and Ikea.

Stationary: I always order our stationary from Vistaprint and have yet to have a problem. I do always recommend to upgrade to the premium stationary.

Website: designed by myself through WIX. I thought about hiring it out but honestly I really enjoyed making it. If your looking at an easy platform to design and work with I would definetly check out WIX

AND thank you to @islandmomentsphotography for shooting our website photos!

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