Why the move? why the name change?

Updated: Feb 27

Ever since I was a little girl and I mean little ! I did my first cut at five years old(sorry Court). All my life I wanted to be a hairdresser. I would braid and cut my barbies hair repeatedly. I remember being eleven years old going with my mom to "Kiyo" to get highlights and always dreamed of having my own salon one day. Flash Forward 5 years and I was beginning cosmetology school. I attended the program at Vancouver Island University and would often come home and watch youtube videos of "Guy Tang" with my mannequin. I always knew I wanted to own a salon and be a business owner. After Graduation that dream became a reality with 1565 Waddington Road. On November 15th 2011 we opened! We have changed alot over the years from decor to staff. Lots of learning and figuring out what works and what doesnt in this industry. I never dreamed in a MILLION years that I would want to leave my little 350 sqft studio. In reality there was three of us and I needed to hire a fourth person so I could spend more time at home with my son. At the beginning of 2017 I started to secretly look at new spaces. From commercial to old character homes downtown.. I searched. Places upon places and I could not find a place and was starting to become discouraged. In September I was sitting on Northfield waiting for the light to change and I saw the "For Lease" sign in the window. Hallefriggenlujah !! Four months later and were opening! From 350 sqft to 1100 sqft, four chairs and three sinks, an epic coffee bar and a lash room; I am in heaven. 2018 is a fresh start for us and I couldn't be more thrilled.

Thankyou so much for the continued support over the years and we cant wait to see you at Salon Muse.

Ok so the name change...

When I first told people im going to change the name they looked at me like i was legit crazy. Changing your business name after six years is crazy right... all those years of building up my reputation and getting known around town just to change it and start over. It is NEVER recommended to change your business name. SO when I started I was only seventeen and Shear Inspiration Studio came to my hand for obvious reasons.. Shear AKA Scissors.. Inspiration (obvious) .. Studio (obvious) .. SO when i decided to move the shop I knew that I wanted to start fresh and new. I am not seventeen anymore and we have truly outgrown that name and it doesn't suit what I am creating with the new space. So with that being said we welcome you to SALON Muse. We promise to be the same "home" vibe but better.

Pricing... your commercial now is your pricing going to be WAY more expensive?

No! Our pricing will not sky rocket. This is part of the reason our search for a new space took so long because I needed to make sure I found something affordable.

Keep in mind Mary-Anne and Melanie have different rates as they rent space and are self-employed :)

again THANKYOU for all the support over the years and for shopping local. We appreciate it more than you know.


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The Start November 15th 2011

The Middle 2015

The End 2017

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