why your stylist should be educated

Updated: Feb 22

L A G U N A B E A C H ... and why do I keep going back six times a year ?

no its not for the Avocado Toast, Sandy Beaches or the best shopping mall ever (next blog post).. its for education. Is your stylist educated? And I mean REALLY educated or did he/she take a 10 month hair course 10+ years ago and called it a day.

like Ive said many times there are two kinds of hairdressers.

1) someone who does hair OR

2) someone who changes lives by doing hair and being an artist.

I attend various training events in Laguna relating to Natural Beaded Rows Extensions, Coloring, and Business Coaching every two months.

Im choosing to invest in my education so that I know with 110% certainty when you invest in me with your hair you are getting the experience that you deserve.

There are dozens.. heck probably over a 100 different kinds of extension methods. No one method is the same. Personally I have done Tape Ins, I-tips and Beaded Wefts. ALL leaving me with wanting more information for something BETTER.

That is when I stumbled across @daniellekwhite and her podcast called "how to date your wife" Its a good one. Its only about 30 minutes and she does the podcast with her husband, Garrett who is a BRILLIANT business/life coach or basically anything coach.

one month later and I was signed up for my first NBR Convention of 300 students that took place in Huntington Beach in June 2018.

Now I have been to CA my fair share of times. We have a family house in Palm Springs (2 hours east of Laguna) and I've always been California obsessed. HOWEVER when I went to Laguna and Huntington I fell in love. If I could pack up and move anywhere Laguna would be it.

It is full of local vibes, laid back beaches and the most AMAZING plants ever. SERIOUSLY move there for the plants.

If you ever have the chance to go I would recommend staying at the Surf and Sand Resort in Laguna its beautiful and such a great location.

Okay im getting off topic but seriously im OBSESSED. One day I will live here part time.

back to the hair. NATURAL BEADED ROWS.

Danielle created this method after doing every extension method there is and still not being satisfied. She has fine thin hair and wanted to create a method that would for not only her hair type but every hair type.

Natural Beaded Rows is an elite method and takes many reps of practice to perfect. EVERY time I have headed back to California I leave with more knowledge to perfect this craft.

I am so lucky to be surrounded by like minded individuals in my NBR hair tribe and I have the best team of educators for support





Not to mention my quadpod (is that a word) of hair besties




Okay thats it for now.. One of my goals this year is to blog more about my fav topics: Hair, Shopping and Products and maybe do a video or two on Youtube.

For any information on Natural Beaded Rows Call: 1-250-591-7461

Happy Friyay


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